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My obsession the last two weeks… I’m definitely getting some progress in on this sender V4. I just need to train harder and take this baby to send town. If you want something you gotta work for it. 😑💢😈👊 (at Sender One Climbing)
I thought we were past this… #senderone #hyfyatthegym #23 #gotJsonmyfeet #1D
Mr Charles Fullwood at the Night Owl check him out on Facebook (at The Night Owl)
tramway, im coming for you w/ @brentsneck @helenkellerlovesdisco
welcome to the inner workings of my mind (at Point Defiance Park)
at Blackie’s (northside of Newport Pier)
ma fleur (at Blackie’s (northside of Newport Pier))
Mt Shasta #tbt
at Alta Coffee Warehouse